Take Quality of Life to a New High

MK Builders and Developers is synonymous with quality and style. Considered one of the best developers of Vizag, we justly deserve our laurels. MK Builders and Developers Group has always believed in giving more than the best to their customers. In keeping with this philosophy, the group believes in maintaining the high quality of their developments even after the buildings have been handed over to their clients.

Today the users ask for not just space but also aesthetics and building efficiency. In this respect, builders now-a-days are creating intelligent homes, those that seem to be tailor-made to meet consumers' requirements at all points of time. Another important factor that builders have to keep in mind is that today's needs are spread over a wide spectrum. On one hand it is about safety, automation for speed and efficiency and an integration of all building systems under a centralized control system to ensure the smooth functioning of all in-house facilities. On the other hand, in this age of anti-pollution and green peace drives, there is a requirement for houses to be environment friendly.

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Our focus in construction finance is primarily on financing residential projects which give fillip to retail mortgage business.



  • Robust service delivery model - door step services ensuring easy and fast approval and disbursal of loans.
  • Excellent post disbursement services.
  • Facility of enhancement in loan amount in the event of escalations in cost.
  • Dedicated team of well-experienced employees who work on best-in-class information systems and networks to deliver and provide customer satisfaction.
  • High standards of ethics, integrity and transparency.

Once you've decided how much you can afford to spend fulfilling your remodeling dreams, the real challenge is making sure you stick to this budget. So, how can you prevent your expenses from spiraling out of control?

Keeping your Budget in Line

  • Plan on spending only 80% of what you can afford. Put the additional 20% in reserve to cover changes, unforeseen problems and miscellaneous charges.
  • Remember that anything not included in the original contract will cost extra. It's very easy to start taking on hundreds and even thousands of dollars in change orders that will break both your budget and your timeline.
  • Stay focused on the task at hand. Stick to the project you have planned rather than deciding that now is the time to overhaul the rest of the house.




  • When starting to invest in a property, it’s important to be clear on your property investment strategy. Are you going for high rental returns for the short term or are you going for long term capital growth?
  • If you’re thinking about investing in property for the first time, it’s important to seek professional advice. One of our financial planners will be able to help.

MK Builders and Developers team consists of highly skilled workers who are specially trained to maintain the impeccable standards that are the hallmark of all prestigious developments. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we make sure that all aspects of the properties we handle are in mint condition and that all the said and unsaid needs of the inmates of the buildings are met. The team is committed to deliver professional building management and services using ultra modern technology to cover all the following aspects to the best satisfaction of the customer.

The real challenge for the MK Builders and Developers team lies in customizing their maintenance processes to suit the varying needs of the diverse range of developments that we create - be it a high rise complex housing MNCs, residential apartments with beautifully landscaped grounds, sprawling luxurious villas or shopping malls of international standards.